In 1991, Bill Hammer & Tom Bythrow set out to buy a bar after spending 23 & 25 years respectfully with Heathkit.

After 1 year of searching, they decided on the establishment called 'Weekenders' previously known as Gunn Inn (some people still call it that) between Dewey Lake and Magician Lake.

After 2 years, Tom decided that he wanted to get back into retail sales so Bill bought him out & the rest is history! In May 31, 2014 Bill & Sabrina will have been in business for 22 years!

During the 22 years, many improvements have been made including adding an upstairs bar & expanding the deck area to 3 levels. We also have many events & activities that our customers enjoy being involved with.

Today, BT's Pub continues to be a favorite for both local & Chicago friends!